The Room of Love

The above is in no way a reference to anything ‘Fifty Shades-like’, but to one of my most favourite pieces of prose, so dear to me that it hangs on the office wall next to me as I write this entry.

It’s taken from Hannah Coulter: a novel by the brilliant Wendell Berry but I stumbled across it in A Little Aloud, with Lovea very beautiful anthology and quite apt for February, the month of love, right? 🙂

It feels good to revisit the familiar words and to me, it’s simply lovely…

The room of love is another world. You go there wearing no watch, watching no clock. It is the world without end, so small that two people can hold it in their arms, and yet it is bigger than worlds on worlds, for it contains all the longing of all things to be together and to be at rest together. You come together to the day’s end, weary and sore troubled and afraid. You take it all into your arms, it goes away, and there you are where giving and taking are the same, and you live a little while entirely in a gift. The words have all been said, all permissions given, and you are free in the place that is the two of you together. What could be more heavenly than to have desire and satisfaction in the same room? 

Rediscovering a fave…

Sunday Musings

Linguistics lessons throwback on this moody Sunday evening…

The Architecture of the Sentence:

‘The architect is the master of the represented space of every kind, and that means he is the master of the making mind.’    William H. Gass and Mary Gass.





If you follow Joanne Harris on Twitter, check out her #TenTweets from today all about Rewriting. Very helpful little nuggets of info if you’re in the rewriting stage. Good to ask yourself these questions…


Get to know the introverts

This is my all time favourite TED Talk from Susan Cain (author of Quiet). Resonates completely with me…

Listening to it again today, it’s interesting to hear that a third to half of the population are introverts and those individuals have extremely good leadership and creativity skills, but they likely don’t ever get the opportunity to show their force. Get to know them, collaborate.

See what you make of it. Watch here – The Power of Introverts



Wartime Liverpool, with a twist. The twist is Little Italy. An area of the city occupied at the time by Italian immigrants and their families. When the May blitz of 1941 attacks Liverpool, 10 year…

Source: Novel

Daily thought…

I walked into work and saw this message stuck to my desk. It doesn’t take much to spread a bit of happiness.



‘Let me just grab a pen’

22:03 on a Sunday evening and productivity rears its head. Who am I to say no?!



Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works —Virginia Woolf