Wartime Liverpool, with a twist.

The twist is Little Italy. An area of the city occupied at the time by Italian immigrants and their families.

When the May blitz of 1941 attacks Liverpool, 10 year-old Joseph Ventre is separated from his mother during a night time bomb raid. He has to overcome all his fears as he fights to avoid his worst nightmare coming true, losing his mother. He has already lost his father and does not want to be left alone in the world. He clings on to a glimmer of faith after hearing and believing in the story of the great Liver Birds.

Starting from Lionel Street onto Scotland Road and down onto the Pier Head, we will scour the streets of Liverpool with him in search of his mother. The strong Italian community, the spirit of the city will not let Joseph down and help him on his journey through war and devastation.


Interested in reading more? Here’s a sneak peek from the novel. Hope you enjoy…

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