A Little Reminder…

I’ve not put pen to paper in a good while now, it’s difficult to carve out time when there’s an 18 month old running around and you’re trying to do your day job properly. Yes, what silly excuses, and the likely real truth is that 2020 has made it difficult to tap into that creative side of my brain, I’m sure others can relate to this dead-end feeling after a testing year. I guess clinging on to the fact that a little bit of joy or moment of clarity can sometimes ignite a spark again, is comforting.

After a wonderful, peaceful morning at the seafront today (on our daily walk!) I was reminded of the importance of listening to mind, heart, and soul. How taking those moments (amidst the chaos) are vital for ensuring you stay awake to those creative whispers, finding energy, and to look beyond the obstacles of everyday life, remind yourself of you. This led me to revisit a short piece written by Meg Rosoff (author of How I Live Now) about finding your voice as an author. In the piece she challenges you to question who you are, who you really are, ‘what is the essence of your personality?’

Sometimes when writing, you find yourself staring at a blank page, unable to get anything down, resulting in feeling a horrible pressure to ‘find your voice’, ‘find the characters, ‘find the theme’ etc. It’s refreshing to read her advice and not to be afraid of going to that deep place within and connecting to your subconscious mind. Not easy at all, but the beautiful ‘thing’ happens once you get there, once you really know yourself, warts and all. Rosoff sums this up as:

In writing, a powerful flow of energy between conscious and subconscious mind will result in extraordinary occurrences. Characters will behave in ways you had not anticipated. Twists of plot will astound you. The part of your brain that concocts elaborate dreams while you sleep will emerge in daytime, informing your story in ways you might never have anticipated.’

Finding that connection within which will result in ‘a powerful flow of energy’ is no mean feat, but I for one am keen to stay awake to those occurrences of thoroughness and deep meaning. To keep creativity flowing, to bring those moments, just like those of this morning at the sea, of the conscious and subconscious to the forefront and maybe then readers should be able to ‘hear the contents of my mind, heart, and soul.’

Find out who you are. Let your voice gain power as you go. Then write your book.’ – Meg Rossof


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