Reading Aloud, Reading Together.



I mentioned in previous posts that I was soon to become a reading volunteer for The Reader Organisation’s Get Into Reading program. I have been with a group for the past seven weeks now and it has so far been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. My expectations have been succeeded. I read to a group of approximately five people every Thursday morning in a local residential care home. That one hour of my day is by far the most enjoyable. I take along a selection of poems boasting plenty of discussion, sometimes they like a poem, sometimes they don’t…and that’s ok. As long as the session of reading aloud and reading together stimulates them, I am happy. The Reader Organisation has carried out lengthy research to show just how beneficial this process is and I am glad to now be a part of it. 

Reading aloud is harder than most people think. It takes confidence and courage, not just for me, but for the group members. The best bit is when they begin to read the poem aloud off their own bat, no prompt, just sheer enjoyment of poetry. That is what we do, we read aloud and we read together. Get Into Reading is such a fantastic program so if you find yourself with a fair amount of free time and think you’d be a good volunteer, keep an eye on the website (click the image above). In fact, look at their website anyway, it’s brill, and they do a brill job. 


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