Allowed to be Aloud


Reading, as we all know, is usually a silent and personal activity, and the only time we read aloud is say for a presentation or reading to children, or to a group. So why don’t we ever read aloud to ourselves whilst curled up alone with a book? I mean, say you’re on the train or bus and start belting out chapter 2 of your current selection then granted, people may look at you strangely. wouldn’t, but others unfortunately would. I have tried it a few times when I’ve been reading alone and I find it really does help me connect with the words and the story. Not only does it help me but I feel like I owe it to the author; this is their passion here in front of me and in some cases, their life’s work so the more attention I give to it, the more alive it becomes. 

As well as reading the work of other writers, reading aloud my own writing is helpful as I can hear the places where improvement is needed e.g. tone, emphasis, structure etc. If I stumble over something I have written, then my reader is more than likely to do so also. 

I am soon to become a reading volunteer for a reading organisation that includes reading aloud to groups of people of an older age. I am looking forward to this and will be sure to post all the details as this develops. 

So, for now, allow yourself to read aloud.


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