Literally… A Book Shop

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Literally… A Book Shop

For any fellow Merseyside writers or readers needing resources for research or simply just interested in finding little gems of literature, then pop in to Literally… a new book shop (yes that’s right, an actual new shop) and have a looksie at all they have to offer. Places like this are few and far between so let’s keep them alive.


2 Replies to “Literally… A Book Shop”

  1. I absolutely love this shop, so much so that I asked for a job there! There are so many book collections and even more still left to come in. Plus the location is pretty good opposite the train station, I think that was a clever move! Either way, the shop is proving that people still love to be able to turn a page literally rather than on these Kindle things and I think that’s the beauty of getting lost in a book; once you start reading you can’t stop! I look forward to going there every week and there are lots of other things going on, just have to keep an eye out 🙂

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